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Fee Breakdown

  1. Membership Fee: $100 annual family membership fee payable to CCHSA. To participate in co-op, your family needs to have current membership with CCHSA.
  2. Co-op Fees: There is a $80, per year, family enrollment fee due to participate in co-op. This fee goes toward the general operation of co-op.  We also use a portion of these fees to help us bless the church where we meet each week. We are so thankful to them for letting us meet here 4+ hours a week and also for special events.
  3. Tuition: $10.00 per class, per year, which goes toward keeping our supply closet stocked, printer & paper fees and prizes.
  4. Class Material Fees: Fees vary, as supply lists vary for each class. The class material fee (less the $10.00 tuition listed above) is the amount specified by the teacher to buy supplies for that particular class. This includes the materials they need to teach the class, as well as supplies for each child. Prices in the Class Catalog will reflect the combined total class cost for the term (including tuition, material fees, and if there is an instructor fee.)

Additional Money Matters

  • Instructor Fee: Most co-op teachers are members of CCHSA, and therefore voluntarily teach to keep your cost low. Teachers who are brought in from outside the co-op (non-members) may charge an instructor fee. Please rest assured that all teachers are required to read, agree with, and sign the Teacher Agreement.


  • Scholarships: Scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Treasurer at [email protected] for more information.


  • Refunds: If a family withdraws from co-op after class registration, they are liable for all fees and no refunds will be issued. The teachers must be properly reimbursed for the materials they purchased based on the total number of students enrolled. This policy may be reviewed on an individual basis in the case of an unexpected event.