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Why Join CCHSA?

You may join CCHSA at any time during the school year. Our fiscal year runs from June 1st through May 31st. Why would you want to? So we can begin encouraging you with emails, invitations, and events that will help you on your homeschool journey! (Please check out the lists of Benefits and Responsibilities on the drop down menu of “Why Join CCHSA?”)

This requires two steps:

  1. Submit a membership application form by clicking the "Join" button at the top of the page.
  2. Pay membership dues either through online payment processing (plus 3% convenience fee) or by check payable to CCHSA to 130 Maple Drive, Pineville , LA 71360.

Membership applications are reviewed by the board for approval and must be renewed annually. This is a private organization and membership may be revoked (for confessional or ethical non-compliance with any part of our Statements of Faith or Statements of Belief on Family and on Education) if the member family does not comply with the group policies and guidelines.

Membership does not complete Louisiana’s legal requirements for homeschooling, but it does network you with many other families of like mind in Central Louisiana for support and encouragement. Activities coordinated by CCHSA are open to all members. We encourage members to share membership information with other families who are interested in our group, but we ask that you keep our member directory and activity calendar confidential and for personal use only.


  • Full Membership – $100.00 
  • Associate Membership – $100.00